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Pamela Sifa Muhire

Volcano IT Manager

Pamela Sifa Muhire was born in democratic republic of Congo in North-Kivu precisely in Goma, she is the oldest of a family of 10 children, she did her nursery and primary studies at ECL (École communautaire du lac) after she went to Saint Joseph Institute where she had to do secondary studies but she was forced to stop some time later for reasons of illness ... 2 years after her recovery she went to continue her studies at the Institute Lukanga near Butembo in a boarding school where her father judged better that she was trained because of the conditions of studies but also to have a glimpse of life less of the family seen was always bonded to her parents from an early age , is where she obtained her diploma in general pedagogy ... passionate about technology, she never stopped following people with computers to fuel her curiosity, during events where computer tools had to play the capital roles she designed herself assistant volunteer in order to have new experiences in practices, and that's how she began to ask advice from her elders in the field to be oriented to the 'University, arrived at the ULK in Gisenyi / Rwanda where she get her Bachelor's degree in computer science she found a new passion in computer science "The network" which was the subject of all her research and training that she did until 'now but also by studying Business studies MBA at 'ULK/Kigali. For Her, business accompanies all work.

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    May,05 2020 to the present day she is working as the IT Manager at VolcanoTechHUb.

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    Kigali - RWANDA

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    Phone:+250 787 821 050

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