The accessibility of computing facilities becomes even more important as increasing numbers of people with disabilities participate in educational opportunities involving computer usage. All users need to have access to the computer labs. Students and other people with disabilities must have equal access to:
  • Building / facility.
  • Laboratory personnel.
  • Physical space and printed materials.
  • Computers and software.
  • Electronic resources.
  • Why a Lab?

    In response to a rising number of students with personal laptops, educators and administrators are q uestioning the need for computer labs. However, while access to technology is changing their function, computer labs remain relevant in today’s schools for a number of reasons. For starters, computer labs create inclusive, structured learning environments where students can prepare for a tech-heavy future. Not long ago, school computer labs were a mainstay of the education environment. Today, not so much. In fact, they’ve become downright controversial. Their very existence is at the root of the controversy. Volcano tech hub is bringing a solution of a centered computer lab for the disadvantaged students, teachers and community for the applicability of their knownledge