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Thierry Barata S.

Volcano System admin and treasurer

Thierry was born in Kabindi - Democratic republic of the Congo, he is a man that grew up far from his biological family and learnt a new life from different people he could meet everywhere. Thierry is so ambitious and when he was still young he could try anything about the use of a computer until he erased all the data of his guardian’s computer and that was the foundation of his vision. Thierry wanted to correct his mistake and that's how he joined the world of technology.

Thierry is an IT specialist with over 5 years of professional experience in system administration, computer maintenance, Website development and database management. He is an expert with a wide variety of computer applications, engineering, networking, and operating system software. Currently he is pursuing a Honours degree in computer science - Zimbabwe

About Me:

  • Experiences:

    Volunteered as a Webmaster and IT Support at CIYOTA "Coburwas International Youth Organization to Transform Africa" Tutor at Think Africa program, DRCongo Tournament Director - Refugee tournament organized by CIYOTA in collaboration with MANCHESTER UNITED F.C, Kyangwali Refugee Camp/Uganda Computer trainer and Cyber Café Attendant at Ubuntu Trust Ltd in Uganda

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    Bulange - Kampala, Uganda

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    Phone: +256) 775-156-681

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