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Educational Technology development centre (ETDC) - Upcoming program

1. Educational Technology programs

The aim of this program is to improve the quality of education and facilitate learning processes, and increase performance of the educational system as it regards to effectiveness and efficiency. It is defined as the use of technology to improve education. Teachers and youth in the community will be trained in different field related to technology. Research in different subjects and areas of development will be done, the centre will also offer coaching and mentorship program to students.

2. Youth empowerment program

The purpose is for youths to exercise their own vision, dreams, hopes and concerns pertaining to economic growth and development where they are able to generate an economic opportunity and contribute to their individual well-being and care for others.

The program will prepare the young people to run their business in a successful environment and it will also give them the opportunity to explore career fields, develop new skills and learn lessons about working environment. Youth empowerment is explained as a process where child and young people are encourage to take charge of their lives. To accomplish our activities, we plan to have partnership with schools and community leaders, furthermore to build an Educational Technology Development Centre (ETDC) where all the activities will be taking place.

This ETDC, will serve:

• Youths who need to research for their projects, needs to finds more resources and materials for their studies.
• Teachers who need individuals and professional development.

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What teachers recommand?

Technology should be made available on an equitable basis for use in improving student learning and enhancing teacher professional development.

School director
Chengerero Institute
  • 4.50

Enhance the ability of teachers to support and guide students in a networked learning environment.

School director
Kabindi Institute
  • 4.50

A laboroatory is a need and you should have a laboratory from where teachers and students will be practicing

Government Officer
ANR - Bunagana
  • 4.50

Volcano should have a workplace from where students and teachers will be connected to the world every time

School director
Ave maria Institute
  • 4.50

You shoul build an infrastructure that will connect students no matter where they learn from

School director
Virunga Hight school
  • 4.50