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December 2019 workshop with School leaders

It is generally acknowledged that the education system of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is in dire need of reforms. In most primary, secondary, and tertiary level institutions across the country, education is not supported by ICT- based systems. Where ICT exists, it is marred by several challenges ranging from lack of stable electricity supply to scarcity of ICT qualified educators. Yet, there is hard evidence that ICT can play a major role in education.

Unfortunately, as Bambanota (2006) observes, investing in national education has not been a top priority for different governments for many years. Whereas the government allocated on average 20 % of its budget to education, it only spent 0.4% on education. This is hardly enough to improve basic educational infrastructures in the country, let alone adopt new ICT infrastructures.

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What teachers recommand?

Technology should be made available on an equitable basis for use in improving student learning and enhancing teacher professional development.

School director
Chengerero Institute
  • 4.50

Enhance the ability of teachers to support and guide students in a networked learning environment.

School director
Kabindi Institute
  • 4.50

A laboroatory is a need and you should have a laboratory from where teachers and students will be practicing

Government Officer
ANR - Bunagana
  • 4.50

Volcano should have a workplace from where students and teachers will be connected to the world every time

School director
Ave maria Institute
  • 4.50

You shoul build an infrastructure that will connect students no matter where they learn from

School director
Virunga Hight school
  • 4.50